Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warriors by Erin Hunter

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   Rating of the series as a whole: ****1/2
  Genre: Fantasy, animal fiction
  Series: Lots and lots of books. The first one is called Into the Wild
     To be honest, Rusty's life is really boring. Aside from sleeping, eating, and chatting with the cat next door,  he doesn't do much. Then he dares to venture into the mysterious woods behind his home-and gets attacked by a wild cat. Fortunately, the wild cat, Graypaw, decides to forgive Rusty for trespassing. He introduces Rusty to some of his friends who are part of a proud band of forest cats called ThunderClan. Rusty accepts their offer to join ThunderClan, a once in several generations opportunity for a tame kitty. As he tries to prove his loyalty to his new clanmates, he begins to notice several suspicious things. A cat turns up dead the same day Rusty arrives, one of his new friends is hiding a dangerous secret, and one of the Clan's most respected cats is lying.  He wants to solve the mystery and warn his clanmates, but who would take the word of a former housecat?
     This is one of my favorite series. It has quests, prophecies, battles, cats with magical powers, and even forbidden romances (but since all the characters are cats, it doesn't get very mushy).  If you're looking for something to keep you busy, read it. There are thirty something books out right now, and new ones come quickly because they are written by multiple authors working together. The first set of six books focuses on Rusty's adventures. The next ones are about his children and grandchildren.

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