Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twins by Caroline B. Cooney

     Warning: This is a scary (but completely clean) book. You might not want to read this if you are afraid of rats, drowning, or ice.
Rating: ****
Genre: horror, realistic fiction, and the slightest dash of paranormal
Pages: 183
     Mary Lee has always been close with her sister, Madrigal. After all, they're twins. But when Mary Lee is sent away to boarding school, she becomes withdrawn and depressed. Madrigal becomes the most well known girl in school and even scores a boyfriend. Mary Lee wishes she could live Madrigal's life.
     When a bizarre twist of fate gives Mary Lee her wish, she discovers things she never wanted to know about Madrigal. Something is definitely up with her boyfriend, and why does everyone at school seem to be afraid of her?
     The beginning was a little boring for me, since it summarizes several months in the first two chapters. But the final chapters had me on the clutching the book and muttering, "Get out of the car, Mary Lee. Get out of the car now." This is a horror book, yes, but it all comes together with a good theme.

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