Sunday, February 5, 2012

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Trilogy
Pages: 355
     When Tanya's ability to see fairies lands her in trouble, she's shipped of to her grandmother's for the summer. In addition to being large and decaying, the place is crawling with fairies. While doing her best to avoid them, Tanya and Fabian, the caretakers' son, make some startling discoveries about the mysterious disappearances and secret tunnels connected to the house. But some secrets are better left hidden...
     The author was able to toss in a lot of random ingredients-tunnels, magic, disappearances, an old fortune teller living in the woods-and make it work. It's great for fantasy and intrigue, but I was expecting more twists and turns. For example, Tanya's father never appears in the story. Tanya mentions she has one, but only her mother appears-and that's only to drop her off at her grandmother's. I kept expecting some mysterious backstory. Then there's the title. Thirteen treasures do appear, but they don't play a relatively large role in the story.

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