Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LEGEND by Marie Lu

Genre: Dystopian, action
Rating: ***
Pages: 305
Series: One sequel so far, titled Prodigy
Why I read this book: Because I have a dystopia addiction.
Day and June are from seperate worlds. She's a prodigy. A military genius. The Republic's golden girl. He's the Republic's most wanted street criminal.
While Day's concerned with keeping himself alive, she's tracking down her brother's killer. And all signs point to Day.
The first thing that stands out when you crack open the cover is the ink. Not the words, but the ink they're printed in. Told from both points of view, June's chapters are normal and Day's are written in gold ink. That way you can always tell who's doing the talking. Why don't more authors do this?
June is a butt-kicking, action-packing, cool and ruthless heroine. Yet her character is nearly flat. Same with Day. They have all the skills they need, both physical and mental. They can scale buildings, win street fights, identify and crush all threats. Those should come in handy. The only emotions are when they're concerned for a loved one in mortal peril. Memorable characters they are not.
June's not the only girl in Day's life. There's Tess. For years they've survived on the streets together. Running, fighting, and avoiding the cops. And that makes her...the girl in Day's life. Yes, you read that right. It's possible for a guy to have a girlfriend who doesn't fall in love with him by the end.
Legend is a tense, dystopian adventure with an explosive and bittersweet ending.

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