Friday, September 27, 2013

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

Genre: Fantasy, mythology
Rating: ****
Pages: 279
Isadora is mortal. As the daughter of Egyptian gods, that means most of her relatives can't be bothered to remember her name. After all, she'll only be around for a few more decades. Gods are eternal. She escapes by moving to her brother's in San Diego, where she meets Ry, a boy with the most annoyingly blue eyes she's ever seen. But how can she fall in love when she knows it can't last?
Then Isadora begins having dreams of darkness. Her eternal family is in danger, and she's the only one who can save them.
The great struggle in the book is Isadora coming to accept her mortality. If you weren't raised by Egyptian gods, this can be hard to relate to. I wish The Chaos of Stars went deeper into the mythology. Aside from Isis, most of the gods are background characters. They pop up in Isadora's thoughts and the first and last couple chapters. Mostly, this is the story of Isadora and her friends. Isadora's descriptions of Ry's blue-blue eyes and Greek god bod would be over the top in any other book. The type of mushy books you love to mock. But you don't need to mock them now, because Kiersten White went ahead and did it for you.

     He's in a deep-blue dress shirt, top button undone, and black pin-striped slacks. No one should be able to look equally good in jeans and a tee as they do dressed up.
     "You look," he says, his eyes drinking me in the way I want to drink him in, "absolutely amazing."
     I smirk. "You look rather pretty yourself."
     "And Tyler looks devastatingly gorgeous," Tyler says. "Why, thank you, Tyler!"

Then there's the banter between her and Ry.

     Ry: "What is wrong with being attracted to someone? It's a natural thing."
     Isadora: "Yes, well, cancer is a natural thing, and we try out best to kill it."

While not rich in magic or mystery, The Chaos of Stars is a hilarious, fun-filled tale of one girl's journey to live the normal life she's never dared to dream of.

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